All moving tail surfaces.


Back to electric single seater aircraft !

I suggest a 2 engine under 70 kg plane to be operated with 30 kilos of batteries and 110 kg payload. If I get 10 preorders at 5 k€ and plane price 25 000 € altogether I will deliver them in 2 years.


I have developed extremely economical aeroplane for high flying with very low EAS number.
THis is now single stage to Mars and back with two depot stations enroute.


Something like the phenomena !

I think this is capable to put astronauts to orbit with just 5 tons of rocket fuel.


Here is the carport fitting aeroplane model status.

Not very far.

I switched to develope an electric car !

I have to humbly admit the swiss team with Damjan's 25 km reaching electric / solar hybrid kinda shattered my high flying aviation dream for now. http://phys.org/news/2016-12-swiss-unveil-stratospheric-solar-plane.html#jCp I have developed a 1/6 model of a 1000 km range electric car.
It is a tandem seated.


I have made one model of a one man version. Now I am into 1/6 scale model.