Something like the phenomena !

I think this is capable to put astronauts to orbit with just 5 tons of rocket fuel.


Here is the carport fitting aeroplane model status.

Not very far.

I switched to develope an electric car !

I have to humbly admit the swiss team with Damjan's 25 km reaching electric / solar hybrid kinda shattered my high flying aviation dream for now. http://phys.org/news/2016-12-swiss-unveil-stratospheric-solar-plane.html#jCp I have developed a 1/6 model of a 1000 km range electric car.
It is a tandem seated.


I have made one model of a one man version. Now I am into 1/6 scale model.


2 models of the 100-200 seater solar aeroplane

New and old model. New will produce theorethically 1000 kW from the sun.


Update on the Milleniun Falcon II

I figured finally how to speed up the rocket aeroplane with SRBs in order to reach the orbit.


New Goal folks !

As we are running outa oil and the climate change is messing our weather I will put my effort to make a high flying research aeroplane.
A small model of the concept has flow so far ( already in 2015 November ). I have kept this under wraps as I hadn't mastered the concept fully before.