My Mars ship....and a carrier plane.

Due to covid-19 I have been able to study ION-drive and other mean to travel into planets and other starsystems. Bigger above is a Proxima Exoplanet bound ship...lower just a Mars ship for 4 astronaut...dropped from a plane.


Some new tools for the next project.

Its wooden like all other...some styrofoam.


Super economical aeroplane.

I am back to building an aeroplane. It is a motorglider type electric system. It has 12 m wing span and lenght just 3,5 m, and under 70 kg empty weight. AR is around 15. L/D at 25-30.


Prototype number 3 has runned.

Some anomalies were discovered and they are now fixed.


Almost wood complete !

Winglets/endplates. Wings have been covered. They are now 2100 gr each without surface handling.


Merry Christmas 2019 everyone !

Some developement visible. All electrics are 100%.


Extra 3 pulb console to test the output.

I can now have even 600 watt circuit..which mean that if 75% efficiency in energuy production is possinble it happens at 9 m/s wind speed when 600 watts is indicated...as theer is 800 watts total in the passing air.