Ergonomy and safety on MAX III

I am currently working to get interior worked perfectly in MAX3. As a keen golfer I like to have room for a golfbag and the clubs ( after the cockpit above the engine ).

Meanwhile before I publish anything enjoy Steve Miller Bands excellent FLY LIKE AN EAGLE !


I already did design similar cockpitted Tweedy Bird and there for instance that thick safetybar has instrumentation buried in it...rear view mirror on top etc. Really cool and modern and spacious. Austerity second to none.

About safety.

Due to trade secret purposes I won't show everything, but a engine cooling system will be introduced that will not only give the benefits of ramair effect into practise, but will increase the cooling efficiency by 99% in mid-engine mounted pusherfans.

Also wing geometry and fowler flaps will give plane STOL caracteristics never seen before in a pusherfan. Very lite structure and efficient engine help alot in this respect too.

Plane will naturally have aft cockpit mounted recoveryparachute, which when deployed will not damage aircraft itself. Landing site if a field will also keep the plane in tact. Pilot may have a small dent in self esteem after using it, but will be 100% healthy othervise.

Visibility forward down is 11 degrees...just like Reymar suggests.

PS: I have several other AC developements here in www.aafo.com like this one : partially lifting body ac Max II http://www.aafo.com/hangartalk/attachment.php?attachmentid=12381&d=1232529336
Max II sports another patendable feature.

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