Latest MODS are as follows....

I had to do something since that L550E is 4 times more expensive than L275E.

This Max III is now 220 mm shorter than previous..wing is slightly smaller and 120 mm forward. Gear is more forward and position different.

I am afraid this is the smallest I can go.

I am pretty confident that this has now some 70% of the frontal area of BD-5 and unlike AR-5 and VmaxProbe this has light retracted maingear ( thus also lot lighter than BD-5 ).
I also increased the gap between prop and tailfeathers.

I have to give special thanks to all people in http://www.aafo.com/ at the thread....Can prop plane brake the sound barrier !

These modifications approximately saved a 10% in drag and possibility to use a size smaller engine is evident. Aircooled engine if 2-stroke may only weigh 7.5 kilos when 22-40 hp ( latter figure when enhanced with nitrous ) and bring this plane a lot closer to a regular homebuilder.
Wing may remain at 5 meters in lenght but area reduced by 0.3 m2 to 3.1 m2. Wing is still sizeably bigger ( 25% ) than in VmaxProbe, but a lot smaller than in BD-5B generally.

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