The Lieutenant Colonel Jyrki Laukkanen update !

Ok since the FAF former chief testpilot was able to comment the plane before even not having seen it ( just by what I described to him ), I had to redraw the profile.

Here is the 220 mm longer version with 1,95 m2 profile area ( still 2/3 of BD-5B profile area ).

This comment was also among the sites comments so I decided to put the prop as well another 100 mm back ( + 120 mm lengthening ) as I was anticipating earlier.

Jyrki Laukkanen said any AC flies better with longer fuse ( I am nowhere near Vmax after this change but no lilliput either ).

I bet the flat plate area was reduced and weight marginally increased. Possibly I got rid of the space problem for fuel as well...laminar air flow into the radiator scoops seems to have eased as well.

I thank chief test pilot Jyrki Laukkanen. We did a trip into Farnborough in 1976....my daddy was there too. Gosh how the time flies; that was 43 years ago ! I saw the F-15 Eagle there for the first time ( in bicentennial colours ).


  1. The prop is still not far enough from the tail fins.

  2. Are you sure...VmaxProbe was designed to fl 300 + mph ...this is with 22 hp engine closer to 150 mph mover ?