Max 3 on skis..FABULOUS

I think this looks very cool. I got the idea as I was skiing on the frozen river yesterday;...what would it be like to land a MAX here on skis. The skiis will need another look by an aerodynamist for sure. Also the prop should be more flat pitched to provide more thrust and thus the cruise speed would be lower maybe 120 mph. Stall speed could be around 33 mph due to increased lift by the skis.

Here you can see the same dia propeller ( with 2x more prop blades ) with flat pitch giving almost double the thrust with the halfed speed.


  1. Put floats on it. They contribute a lot to total lift, so maybe you're going to stall the wing at negative airspeeds. Maybe huge bushwheels would do almost the same.
    It's fun, this designing that is, isn't it?

  2. I think I know who you are by the tone of it.

  3. Entäs amfibio-kellukkeet?

  4. Mikä ero on amfibiokellukkeen ja kellukkeen kanssa tässä konetapauksessa ?