MAX my dear feathered friend !

Max III is a plane dedicated to a swallow who has inspired this aviation innovation. Swallow had a broken wing and waiting her death in a thick vegetation when I found her/him.

I gave her the name Maximilian Wingspan the I. I made her an architect designed cardboard house. I also fed Max. He liked water a lot.

He took many flight attempts om my floor. It was apparent he was never gonna fly again. I called a vet. She said we could stuff it here.

I put her into her quarters in the balcony. I was watching the Formula 1 races in Silverstone on TV. Max escaped..to his death. Neighbours boxer dog found him and bite. I saw the burial/funerals by nearby rosebush. I was very sad..I lost a friend who knew how to fly. Indeed Maximilian Wingspan the I was ruler of the skies with all his 37 cm wingspan.

R.I.P. Max !

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