Please give comments !

To make this product best possible I need your feedback. Don't hesitate to comment.

I want your response to know following:

1. How far do you want to travel with your PAV ( Personal Aerial Vehicle ) ?
2. How fast do you want to go ?
3. What do you think it should cost ( what are you willing to pay ) ?
4. How much luggage it should carry ?
5. Should it be STOL capable ? ( Short Take Off and Landing )
6. Do you want to know more about the safety issues ( recovery chute, patents etc ) ?
7. Do you want is as a jet ?
8. Something else you want to know ?

I have so far got green light to use the Helsinki Technical University ( TKK ) aerodynamics students under professor supervision/guidance for aerodynamics of this innovation.

I have a test pilot of EAA certificate to test fly it available and willing.

Let's do this...are you with me ?

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