Incredible mileage of 490 at 90 mph speed

I calculated at 90 mph speed that MAX needs 1.65 hp ( just little more than in a lite scooter/moped ). That means 0.697 l/hr and thus 490 miles with a gallon ( 3.8 liters ).
Limbach L275E engine SFC was used to calculate this.

APT engine at 65% gives mileage of 260 at 165 mph ( no SFC chart available ). Limbach at 65% "only" gives mileage of 85.

This is amazing in an AC, but "Pisaralla pisimmälle* " fuel economy competitions have been able to go 4050 km with a litre of fuel ( mileage of 10 000 ) driving a wheeled vehicle by a lite person. My estimates for AC are based on 110 kg of load.

* furthest with a drop ( translation from finnish ).

What does this economy mean in practise? It means that if you take off from Helsinki and head for Cape Town in southern Africa ( 6480 miles or 10430 km ) you will arrive there 72 hours later and you have burned 50 liters of fuel ( 13 gallons ). Weather permitting and winds favourable allowing to cruise average of 90 mph. APT at 65% would get you there in just 39 hours.

It could also make the trip from Helsinki to Melboune Australia possible with everyman's purse at 105 hours of flight at 93 liters of fuel ( 15 180 km/ 9430 miles ). Using APT at 65% power youd arrive in Melbourne 57 hours later. Flying over 20 hours is not very eazy task so 2 refuellings are recommended .

All this means MAX III is not yet ready to travel very far fast enough.

Let's see the trip to New York from London 3470 miles ( 5585 km ). It would take 13.4 gallons ( 51 liters ) and 21 hours at 65% using APT engine. That is doable I recon.

For Charles Lindberg it took 33,5 hours to fly the same distance from Nova Scotia to Paris in 1927. http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/lindbergh.htm

Just to mention how dramatically fuel efficiency drops is that MAX would use 27 liters to go 250 mph with a 50 hp engine. With 40 minutes reserve it could possibly go 900 miles with 100 liters tank. You could get to Biarritz from London just under two (2) hours using the speedier version of MAX III ( using just under 50 liters of fuel ).

Here is the SFC of Limbach L550E: http://www.limflug.de/files/pdf/DS-L550E.pdf

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