Advantages a small size can bring...

Here is the Questair Venture:


It costs 63 00o USD ( 65 000 in 2009 ? ) according to the story. Can travel 240 kts and has 1000 n.M. range.

For instance it could travel from Helsinki to Odense in Denmark in just 2 hr 20 min. Thus being 12 times faster on that leg than a 31 times more expensive Vinka L-70 trainer.

In the same speed region but a 4 seater WHITE LIGHTNING is amazing too;


Another good mileage plane is the original Quickie single seater:


Well also Lear Jet 23 could be here: http://www.nasm.si.edu/exhibitions/GAL104/bwings/bw12014.html

First real Bizjet and cost 550 000 USD in 1963.

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