Motorised gliders vs. MAX III

Here is the ultimate in gliding a open class glider ( 575 kg ) with 21 hp homing engine.



Pik 20E had 38 hp Rotax to get airborne from ground.

The engine causes more drag than the whole air craft/glider.

Max can get airborne from the ground ( hopefully someday ) with 22-25 hp engine, but with small wing ( and low wing loading ) it is not an outstanding glider.


If you look at the LS8 T pics...the difference in the cockpit section ( in MAX ) is that pilot's head ( for a 6 ft 4 in pilot ) is fully buried in the cavity of the wing leading edge/root. Also the cockpit is slightly higher to be able to get the manual landing gear wires beneath the pilot into cockpit. This arrangement may slightly vary in the future. This cockpit form also helps directional stability in this pusher lay-out and provides thus better dynamics for it.

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