Molt Taylor Micro-Imp

In several occassion here in the comments the Mini-Imp has been mentioned. Mini-Imp was 80-100 hp developement. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aerocar_Mini-IMP

There was a design from Molt Taylor also to make very economical pusher called Micro-Imp;




1.2 gallon per hour consumption with 25 hp citroen engine. It was not a success. It says in Molt Taylor homepage the engine was not reliable. Was there something to it ? Ok the goal was to get it done in 112,5 kg weight but instead it became 189 kg.


Holcomp Perigee was to be the ultimate Micro-Imp version. It seems to be a Y-tailed Mini Imp and smaller.

Tailwheel is also changed instead of the nose wheel. This reminds me of one design ...hmmm ?

Here is the Micro-Imp intented Citroen 2CV engine on a MiniMAX; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIlkp5v-_Yo

Looks big and heavy to me ?

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