Ground Effect..useful or not ?

Some people say ground effect is harmful.

I was wondering if it could enable this to happen.

Prop shaft + prop+wing and tailfeathers could be carried inside the car..thus making it a two seater in that mode !

Looks pretty cool or what....kinda like Molton Taylor type of flying car...a car that can be fitted with wings.

This is actually nothing new...done with trucks before;


I will make a model of this flying car Max soon.

This twin engine electric hybrid aerocar would use loaded accubatteries and 1000 ccm engine on frontwheel at take off and thereafter engine would recharge the accus for a further electric flight. This would solve the problem for an increased need of energy/power at take off as the frontwheels powered by piston engine could take the aerocar into near the take off speed alone. Most beneficial the use of the car engine at take off would be for the props...they would not have to be variable pitch. A fixed pitch or constant speed prop is much cheaper and a lot lighter.

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