Design splits into two separate aeroplanes !

Above is my entry for the ongoing competition; http://blog.cafefoundation.org/?p=1671

I have either two 50 cc 2 stroke engines or two 5 kW electric engines to make it really low usage aeroplane. Plane as it is possesses the lowest drag ever measured for a motorised aeroplane.

I am also studying whether I will get better mileage by flying fast with 2 x 220 ccm engines at 200 mph speed.

Several aspects will remain classified, such as the full gear arragemant, top view etc.

This will weigh about 75 kilos empty with combustion engines.


The more simple compact tricycle design stays in the planning table as an economical aerial scooter for several targeted users.

Here is the "SCOOTER" for the first time in comparison;

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