Twin engine single seater design advances !

I have pretty much locked the design into a 3300 mm long and 5600 mm spanning aircraft which stands 1440 mm tall ( ground to tip of the rudder ). Compared to existing cratfs it is 1,2 meters shorter with 1 meter more span. Target is to make it fast and economical in cruise with STOL features. It ought to be also very cheap to manufacture and maintain.
Cruise is estimated at 250 km/h..and stall 55 km/h. Also ability to carry golfclubs ( bags of 20 kg ) some 2000 km along with pilot is still there. I think pretty soon I need an aviation engineer and aerodynamist and some funding.
There is also a special feature I also had in MAX III..the storage room now when tail not tattached is 2500 mm tall room ( 1 m by 1 m floor area ) for the whole setup with wings. This saves 36 000 euros in 10 years as storage payments in Helsinki area.

Anyone interested ?

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