Power to weight ratio in comparison

Insert from my comment in HBA ( homebuiltairplanes.com ):

Here is DA-100 2,5 kilos each..together 5 kilos; Desert Aircraft

Output is 20 hp ( 9,8 + 9,8 = 19,6 exactly ).

5+47 is 52 kilos..props, mounting..more wheels etc...and 60 kilos is reached quickly compared to Minibat.

It won't be really unlimited in aerobatics but similar to weak powered trainers.


FAF Valmet Vinka trainer has 200 hp engine and max flyweight is 1250 kg. This gives power to weight ratio 0,16 hp/kg or normally loaded 0,18 hp/kg.

Valmet L-70 Vinka - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My design FNX II with 2 x 9,8 hp engines and typical 80 kilo pilot and 5 kg fuel would indicate 0,135 hp/kg.

So conclusion; the cheapest and weakest engines would make it moderatly aerobatic and slightly more powerful DA-150 would add 3 kilo in engine weight, but yield power to weight ratio of 0,22 hp/kg ( this is WW II fighter niveau ) ! At least in par with T-6 Texan/Harward; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-6_Texan and fighters of the -30ies like Hart; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hawker_Hart

Desert Aircraft


Not even ZDZ210 J won't take it to the Spitfire MK 1 power to weight ratio; http://www.troybuiltmodels.com/items...V-JENGINE.html

0,293 hp/kg OTOH is pretty close to some weaker fighter designs.


This engine has also electric starter option; http://www.zdz-modelmotor.cz/UserFil...%20ENG2010.pdf


Had to look for many WW II fighters to find 0,33 hp/kg and found one; http://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morane-Saulnier_M.S.406

60 kilo pilot with 2 x ZDZ210 J would have same p / w ratio !!!


Compared to aerobatic Fournier F4; http://www.cfiamerica.com/id4.html

Even the 9,8 hp engines are powerful since the Fournier power to weight ratio for aerobatics is 0,11 hp/kg and for cruise 0,1 hp/kg.

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  1. Intereting, when is your plane planned to fly

  2. I am busy at work and sorta outmanned at workforce for the project...also no orders.

    Model could fly next summer.

    I have some remorse too.