From FNX II to Glidemonkey !

To my great dismay and disappointent there is actually a Soviet/Russian design called Phoenix M-5 and it has many similar features as my design FNX II...even the name is close.

I decided to go for a new single engine design with 128 lbs weight.

This uses blended body and ground effect to be able to take off with very small enginepower and yet fly fast.

This solves several problems that I had with FNX II...for instance the twin engine lisence...who has it ? No-one who builds small homebuilts. Starting the engine...and most of all the easy gear system with one main and two tailwheels.

Glidemonkey name is pretty original...I hope no-one has it yet ?

The idea came from the PTEROMYS VOLANS..."gliding squirrel" in finnish ( liito-orava ).


  1. http://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/light-stuff-area/6804-imposibly-light-airplane.html This is my idea for an airplane like your's One wheel one engine DA-150 etc. 100lbs empty.

  2. Sorry the link in the homebuilt site seems to be corrupted. I did not see any ac design there.