1/4 scale model of the 4 engine jet..initial design.

I switched into bigger engine and scale.

My problem is like in the Apollo 13 flight...how to make this object that has round shape......

.....go into this aeroplane fuselage that has rectangular form ( more or less ) ?

Seem to be doable in measure wise.


  1. ja pyöriltä ilmaan tuolla .15 CV:lla?
    Odotan innolla lentovideota :)

  2. Miksi nuo oranssit virtausviivat erkanevat toisistaan puhaltimen jälkeen?

  3. Mahdollisesti takana vain pianolangan pätkät.

    Oranssit viivat ovat "oikean" koneen tuubien mukaiset viratuskanavat.

  4. Some model airplanes of jet aircraft use an internal ducted fan propulsion unit which could be incorporated into the fuselage structure. I do not know if they utilize a Venturi to further accelerate the air from the propeller.'the air intakes for the jet are utilized to provide airflow to the ducted fan.

    I wonder whether such an installation would also result in a lower noise level in the passenger compartment.

    It might be an interesting design exercise.