What I really do want ?

I seem to have reached full speed in design now when I got the XFLR5 aerodynamics simulator working at home. It is free program and does the job. I have interpolated a new foil that shows Cl MAX 2,062 at 13,5 AoA..and over 100 L/D at 12 AoA. This foil along with a slight increase in the wing area and span ( 6 m and 4.3 m2 ) I get new figures for stall 33 kts and take off at 48 kts. DA-150 looks like the engine for this at 3 kilo weight and 16.5 hp it will supersede FR-4 power to weight ratio.Wing loading is just under 6,3 lbs/sq ft. I also refined the fuse a bit and it is now 3450 mm in lenght with a tad bigger rudder. Aerodynamist commenting on this likes electric engine so it is looked closely also as this developes.---enclosed foil is one study for the foil..not the one I developed recently.
The 10 hp equivalent electric engine gives performance close to ASK-14 motorised glider and a 17 hp emergency output/boost is possible for it..or there is an other engine that has it.
What I am slightly proud of is that this craft is about 2/3 in size of the Electra One and ElectraFlyer-C and yet lighter wingloading and smaller engine. All this on paper at the moment.
Elektra One is 8,6 m spanning and has 6.4 m2 wingarea.
ElecktraFlyer-C has 8.4 meter span and 6.8 m2 wingarea.

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