Whats important in a wing ?

I have a 4 deg forward sweep and wash out wing tips with 10 back sweep and 75% long ailerons ( starting from the root ). I think that is very optimal wing geometry with 10:1 AR. Foils give very different speeds at different AoAs. Now I have stall speed estimations from 40,5 kts to 48 kts for 105 kg pilot and 36 kts for 65 kilo pilot with no flaps. Wing would have to be lite yet strong too and endure flutter and few Gs. It ought to allow moderate aerobatics as well. This is a quite a task for a minimalist ac. I have disgarded the HQ 3,5/14 and Eppler 210 as they are model foils. E562, GOE748, GOE 533 and FX 63-137 are still or time being under investigation. Flaps would enable to use more foils to choose from..now only fx 63-137 gives reasonable figures. I like what Al Bowers have to say about the wing lift; http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=223OmaQ9uLY

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