Flaps on a wing..at different AoAs

Above shows a good number of campered foils with and without flaps as lift/alpha chart.
Above pretty good numbers..lowish Cm and good lift/drag.
Best Cl 2,26 was at 25-30 AoA, but curve was smoother at 25 degs flaps used.
Campered foil with 2,2 Cl with 12 degs of flaps.
Campered foil at 15 degs of flaps.
10 degs of flaps and less campered foil and less drag than on campered at 15 degs of flaps.
Above the best Cl I was able to come up with at 36 degs of flaps; Cl max 2.3 !! Best performing foil was 13,6 % thick at 120 L/D at 1.9 Cl with 8 % of flaps !

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