17 points where I think the efficiency of IO excels !

I try to state few things about my design. Not only to get this idea public, but also to memorize them myself.
1. Prop disc aft fuselage is really clean ( notissably so ).
2. All tail feathers are all moving ( rudder and elevator ).
3. Fuselage aerodynamical shape has no extra bulges ( not even the canopy does not make an extra interference )..its like a fish.
4. Airfoils are designed for this aeroplane to give better performance ( XFRL5 program shows this clearly ).
5. Size is very small for a 193 cm person...length is 3740 mm ( fuse just 3303 mm long and 3033 from firewall to the end ).
6. Plane's undergear is a "trademark" design ...extra narrow....for this aeroplane...extra short too, yet suspended.
7. Plane's exhaust is buried so that the only outlet is also pushing the exhaust behind and under..no drag that is.
8. Large spinner sorta shadows the engine with its reduction gear ( no flat plate to the wind ). Still it breathes and cools down ok !
9. Air flow around wing and fuse attachment is managed so that the poor man's area ruling happens ( AR-5 site by Bruce Carmichael ). Some extra features to this added.
10. Fairly large spinner itself is big part of the drag reducing.
11. Weight through the ( volume ) 85% foam and 10% plywood and 5% carbon fibre structure has been kept phenomenally low ( 55-60 kilos ).
12. Wing does several tasks..its mild arrow shape and yet high lift with wash out and reflected ailerons ensures second to none stall spin free caracteristics and higher top speed at very low engine power.It has been also structurally optimised for very low weight and strong structure.
13. Wing tanks ( inside the wing ) add another dimesion to the planes long distance ability making it heavier and harder to cope in small size..this has been taken care with extra stability of the wingfoil and fairly large elevator area ( CG range enermous ).
14. Design sports also a clever hand rest for the long flights( I mean really long..since this flies at 0.75 liter/hr consumption too around 55 mph ).
15. The small engines ( either 150 cc 4-stroke or 175 cc 2-stroke )give second to none performance with lite weight and low consumtion ( Bailey's 175 just 1,5 liter/hr in Swift ) at moderate price. Even Radne Raket burns only 2,5 l/hr.
16. The landing gears collars work as fences when the fuselage and prop wash with increasing airspeed will make the area between collars as a ground effect generator that will rapidly ease the rolling resistance of the wheels and create lift at take off.
17. The span efficiency is not the same as with gliders, but AR 8 is normal yet the Prandtl wing adaption ought to make some difference in efficiency too compared to other similar AR wings.

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