Does IO have optimal foil ?

Someone suggested me a study for better foil; http://oddjob.utias.utoronto.ca/dwz/Miscellaneous/reno06driver.pdf and another program to study them; http://www.hanleyinnovations.com/ I just want to spend a brief moment in explaining the idea behind my foil. I interpolated the foil from existing Wortmann, Eppler, Göe, and Drela foils. Goal was to save time and use the XFRL5 program to do it. It is a compromise also in order to gain light and strong wing that is easy to build and less allergic to separation bubbles due to moisture and bugs. XFRL5 indicated that this has much more lift and less Cm than FX63-137 for instance. It has thickest point at 28% of the chord...and I claim it is still laminar...not in the sense like the 40% laminars are, but like a bird wing is. If you want to bring a NLF foil to compare...be sure it has 0,853 Cl at 0 AoA...and then I am convinced !!! Furthermore the "normal" foils that have -o.02 - o.03 Cm and 0.004 cd create Cl at around 0.23..this plane is optimised to fly at 120 km ( due to prop that is fixed ) and will gain nothing from speedier foils ( wing )in fact won't even get airborne since the great flap use will deteriorate the Cd totally in weak powered flight.

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