New name for the bird...IO !

IO is the fourth moon of the planet Jupiter ( I can actually see it with my small telescope from my work room window in the night sky ! ). I change it to IO since finnish government decided to move the AF Flight Academy from Kauhava to Tikkakoski ( Tikka Rapids ). I was born in Kauhava. IO is short and easy to remember. It also has extraordinary features like my craft. I tell you it can fly 150 mph with a 26 hp Compactradialengines MZ-175..or it can fly indefinitely with 5,5 m2 area of the new lite solarpanels ( 2 kilos for this baby generating 2 hp constant power ). I recounted the estimated best mileage with a light pilot using Baileys 175 4-stroke...and I did get MPG 250 !!! I just tell everyone it is 120-140 MPG since no one would believe it anyway until flown. Anyway this craft can move at 2,8 hp still 72 mph. This is due to the optimised drag/lift features of the aeroplane IO !
Looks a lot like an orange...maybe the prototype color will be orange ! It also looks a bit like the Käsekuchen ( or a Flammenkuchen aus Elsass region http://www.elsass-netz.de/168/Kueche-Elsass/Speisekarte/Vorspeisen/Flammkueche-Tarte-flambee.html the pizza with only cheese and ham inside ). Here is the IO; http://www.solarviews.com/eng/io.htm

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