Testing the set up with a model !

This engine is 15,3 kilos equivalent ( in power 13,4 hp !!! )..pilot is really skinny...just 45 kilos in "real life" ! Spinner after sanding is 13 grams...with engine, muffler, r/c throttle and prop the whole set up is 71 grams. Similar sized spinner on my Me 109 G model ( 1/12 scale ) was 30 grams with aerodynamical changes to make it a G-6 spinner. This particular yellow spinner ( cut down sized ) was still yesterday 16 grams and was used in my 1/12 scale Marutaka Spitfire Mk I model in 1992. Incredibly the Cox Baby Bee was able to turn it with a prop ( enough to fly 360 degs circle at the maiden ) ! This 13 gram spinner should turn nicely with another 0,8 ccm engine ( 2-stroke ).
The engine/prop combo is a bit too low in proportion to the ergonomic test pilot "Rick ".

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