"Faberge Egg" theory of design !

I have been talking about this Faberge Egg theory of aeroplane design few months now...I have tried to practise it in all of my designs to save weight and gain performance. Here is another example what it can bring about. I cropped the DH89 side by side with IO-2 in the same scale.
DH89 Dragon Rapide is almost 80 years old now ( first flite 1934 ). IO-2 needs 2 x 100 hp to get airborne from frozen lakes and grass fields. I also counted it flies at 30% power using only 0,89 liters/passenger/100 km and flying 200 km/h ( 125 mph ). At engines cruise setting ( 75% ) it burns 40 liters/hr and does 262 km/h ( 163 mph ) and at top speed of 289 km/h it still burns less than 2,5 l/occupant/100 km..beating DH89 by 1 liter/passenger and flying 50 km/h faster. Also beating in economy all Boeing and Airbus products. Light weight is being obtained by the foam-ply-carbon hybrid structure. http://www.aviastar.org/air/england/havilland_rapide.php I have also the theory of weak powered flight..emaning that flying less fast and with advanced structures with new aerodynamics a save in fuel is enermous.

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