Too good to be true ?

I sometimes wonder if there is a mistake in my calculations and the plane wouldn't succeed as planned. One obstacle could be that one or even two officials could not see the demand and need for this kinda aeroplane viable in the future. I mean a plane that needs no fuel and costs about 15 - 20 000 usd to build...it is a bit too good to be true. I just spent a 1000 usd for a trip to see my brother using a car..this trip would have cost me almost nothing if flown it with the HippiƤinen ?!

Wing tips can now also be removed for the transportation of the real 1:1 scale model....::) It fits a 20 kg wheeled box of 3600 mm x 900 mm x 750 mm size !


  1. You will find those mistakes, when you will start the design, I can see already several

  2. I am challenged ! Please name even one of them !