Gear wells " cut the fuselage in two" !

I am spending a lot of time to figure out this gear system. This is important since the wells cut fuse in two pieces just under the wing...to make this strong the structure has to be slightly complicated and gear mount also acts as a strenghtening piece.

I know one thing for sure now....the linkage to the gear from last pulley has to be a stiff rod to make it work...this requires a new design for the the pulley ...and it will have hole for the locking mechanism to work 100 %. : ) Finally I figured it out.

Now I have also drawn the whole gear mechanism, but for trade secret purposes I won't unveil it.

Here is how they generally function in a R/C model ( F-16): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJy9lW7OVew&feature=related
Positive about Max III gear is that it turns only one direction...up and down. It does not twist like many ac gear does.

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