Small corrections in the gear arrangement

I widened the fuse a bit and made the gear more realistic. I wonder do they drop yet by the gravity, but at least a 10 degree bank would help...maybe a string that pushes them out definitely...the locking device when extended is still missing.

I think this gear thing is important. In Ar-5 pages they say it is more than 8% of the drag.

The cross section area of the fuse at thickest point is 0.335 m2. That is 3.7 sq ft and 1.3 sq ft less than in a AR-5. This kite is also 2 ft shorter than a AR-5 so over all drag in fuse less than 80% of AR-5. Cooling is AR-5 is excellent...I aim to have at least 95% effiency of that ( and 3x better than in VmaxProbe ).

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