Golf clubs in the MAX pusherfan

Some improvement as I was studying briefly the rudder and transmission etc. I had to change the contour of the plane a bit to fit those longest golf clubs into the fuse.

I think this is very important matter. Local FAA official was interested if my earlier design had room for clubs ( it did not and had only 22 hp engine ) ?

I just played 80/72 round of golf in Sankivaara's Sanki 18 hole course before the snow and ice came and halted all playing for the winter season.

Woods would be placed so that grips are towards the prop and irons just behind pilots back club heads upward positioned inside a cavity between the wheel wells. This way they will not harm the C of G in the plane as it flies.
Only negative thing is that the bag will not fit inside the plane and a special ski/bag tube would have to be developed to be attached on top of the PAV.

I thing MAX will be a must for everyone who wants to play as many courses during the season in the short beautiful summer in Finland. With a Lamborghini you cannot take short cuts like a MAX can. In the future they may even be short STOL landing strips for a MAX ...unless you want to land it on a par-5 course before the Country Club of yours opens. : )

In the same room as the clubs you can also fit a PC or a brief case or rolls of drawings etc.

Not bad for 3 800 mm long and 120 kg weighing 220 mph mover !

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