Lightest retractable landing gear ( ever ? ) possible

This is not totally my idea. SPetrel amphibio ultra has sorta similar, but I just drew to get some idea of the weight of the system and the space it needs.

It is operated by few pulleys and a lever in the cockpit. Initially the rope will have to travel 125 mm:s and with a lever I could get possibly the initial force/weight of the needed into 1/8th so it should be light in use. Obviously this is not ready yet so the measures will be different in the built model.

Here is how a pulley generally works.

Here is my first sketch for MAX III retracatable gear. It needs a locking device when down. Gravity will pull it down with no force applied ( how...not yet detailed ). Brakes are also missing in the pic. Mounting for the fuse and ropes way to cockpit into a lever not detailed. This needs an engineer for the project to make it an optimized device.

Here is the Super Petrel I got the idea fore this gear system: http://www.flyingboats.ca/PurchasingAFlyingBoat/EDRA-SuperPetrel-Brazil.htm

Here is plane with STOL caracteristic MAX II never reaches:

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