VmaxProbe and Max III

Some questions have raised about relation between these two planes.

First of all I saw no adequate cooling device in VmaxProbe. Max will have patented system that cools the engine before it even moves.

Destruction of VmaxProbe shows some shortcomings of the design. These have been speculated in VmaxProbe thread in http://www.aafo.com/. I won't go back to them.

Drawing below shows how these different planes could be able to cope with the prop related issues.

I also claim that VmaxProbe wingtips weren't best possible at low speed to cope near stall.

I also think the tailwheel was not controllable in taxiing with Vmax and if you want to wonder why I just did not copy Sierra-Sue aka Northrop Turbo Pusher I'd feel more tempted.

VmaxProbe is sorta like Me-109 with tail prop and MAX like a Mustang ( in proportions ) with laminar radiator installation.

Most of all a MAX III with 22 hp engine can be flown as ultralite if pilot weighs less than 85 kg. In USA that is. In Europe plane could be ultralite even with heavier pilot and to have more "unlimited prop" that would enable 150+ mph speeds ( USA demands max 55 kts top speed for an ultra ).



  1. >>Drawing below shows how these different planes could be able to cope with the prop related issues.
    it merely shows that m3 has longitudinal stability issues when compared to the VmP.

    Also it shows that m3 has way too little clearance between prop and the tail fins - your prop will be fighting the tails vortices instead of getting a nice clean stream of air.

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  3. Longitudal stability issues are in your head only. Tapered wing with washout will be very stable.

    Also the prop will actually work as a stabilizing element like it did in YP-49.

    Putting it far from aerodynamical center will cause all the fatal trouble.

    I think the airflow problem is more a prop related design problem..that is yet to be solved..but I have also considered throwing the prop another 100 mm further aft, if necessary. How much will it lessen the speed and what are all pros and cons has to be thoroughly studied with TKK students and teachers ( you have a point there..have to admit ).

    I had to correct the writing...I had a typo there.

  4. You know planes can fly without tail/elevator as well?