Where it all started ( my small ac discussion ) !

I made a first comment about new small AC in 29th of November in 2007. This was in FS Nordic / FlightForum site:

Designing and building a small aeroplane;



All this caused much alarm at the moderators that they had to bann me for indefinite time ( I hope they ask me join back there soon ).

All comments and texts are in finnish, but some pics and links are in english.

So it has been 16 months and yet we don't have anything that flies. I hope someone in Finland takes the phone soon and calls me in intention to start manufacturing them. I haven't got a nickle of pay of my 16 months job so far.

2002-2003 I made an unlimited racer design TS II that is widely accepted as capable contender for the world absolute speed record:


To research the possibilities of a small affordable racer with 2-stroke engine I started a thread at http://www.aafo.com/ parallel with the designing and building of a small aeroplane at FS Nordic site:


These are in english.

Here are few related pusher plane comments and links ( in finnish ):


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