How much rudder do I have ?

Here is a funny pic..all rudder components from elevator has been added to the underside rudder and turned 180 degrees. Also the fuse is very slim which increases the stability..and the gyro forces of the prop ( unless it doesn't turn ).
I wonder does the suction from the prop cause more effectivenes to tail feathers..any study of that available ?
0.33 m2 is the total rudder area...fuse section is 0.31 m2 at the thickest point. This is slightly 2% more rudder area than in VmaxProbe and 10% less than in Bede-5B ( which has 30% more wingarea ).
Here is plane by Kurt Tank that has quite small ( in profile ) but thick rudder ( large in cubature ) : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fw_190
Slightly this is what I am after...a rudder that will reattach flow quickly if flow is lost in a spiral etc. Also the whole rudder with stab turns in MAX III.
Here is too little rudder: http://www.if1airracing.com/IF1_Planes.php?aircraftID=263 for 66 sq ft wing ( Max 3 has only ½ of that wingarea and 1/3 to 1/4 th of the power and weight ). Note they added 1 sq ft of vertical to plane in the pic.

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