Another homebuilt pusher; Cirrus VK-30

I was surprised to see bad safety record this AC has:


To be honest; I don't like the way that ac looks.

I also think 300 hp engine and a turboprop in that is an overkill.

It seems to have normal wingloading.

What I don't like about is this paragraph in Wiki;

As a kit aircraft the VK-30 is a relatively obscure design with few completed aircraft flying. Its most important legacy is that the work done on designing and marketing the aircraft convinced the designers that the best way to proceed in the future was with a more conventional layout and with a certified production aircraft. Thus the lessons of the VK-30 were directly responsible for the design of the very successful SR20 and SR22.[1]

All 6 accidents can be found here; http://www.ntsb.gov/ntsb/query.asp hit Cirrus VK into type space.

Sounds to me the plane is bad flyers and engine lay-out caused trouble in half of the accidents.

Here it says it is a 5 seater; http://www.airventuremuseum.org/collection/aircraft/Cirrus%20VK-30.asp

backseat is only 50,5 in wide and front 48 in where is the fifth passenger supposed to sit ?

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