Shortcomings of Max III

The 50 hp engine fitted ac would only have 30 liter tank unless plane is lenghtened. Wing is not big enough to house fuel.

In general the possibility to move seat forward for small pilot gives an opportunity to shift C of G but a short fat pilot would need weight added rear and really small lite pilot weight to the nose. Bigger elevator might help this problem a bit since it is a common method used in small commercial jets like Honda Jet etc. They also have all passenger sitting forward of the CG and some have cargo in the nose cone. Possibility to have a wide window for CG is a good thing..larger tail and higher speed enables this ( also in Max III ).

Max III is slightly more expensive due to the shaft ( power drive ) system.

Good that is twice as economical and faster than any ac with same sized engine in tractor ( traditional puller ) layout.

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