I figure this could be possible;

There is 17 hp / passenger ( 10 hp more than in a Fenix II ! ).

This needs 1/3 horsepovers compared to Cessna 206 and similar tractor designs.

Also FANLINER could be 1/3 priced. Unfortunately the luggage is limited to 15 kg per passenger.


It is possible that this plane can only carry 4 people with 2 of these very powerful 2-strokes; http://www.limflug.de/files/pdf/DS-L550E.pdf

I calculated a 85 € cost per passenger to fly back and forth to Madrid from Helsinki Finland with that Limflug powered Fanliner. ( 4 people on board distance 2950 km ).

Since engines only weigh 16 kilos I figured plane can be 330 kilos..passengers 400 kg with luggage ! Limflug 550 L can produce 52 hp.

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