Scale and size !

I often get suspicious comments from regular folks about this project.

" They would have done this already if this worked etc !"

Who is they ?

Aerodynamical engineers are busy with airliners and military designs. Only person who has really oriented in this scale is mr Colombani ( Mc30 Luciole, Mc15 Cri Cri ). Why would anyone try to design seriously a plane that cost only 5 - 10 000 usd to build ?

Only big money like the GFC race once in a while put somee speed into this kinda designs...like the PC Aeros ELEKTRA ONE !

OK the Pelican also flew with only 9 hp engine; http://www.nurflugel.com/Nurflugel/n_o_d/weird_06.htm


My designs all base on diminutive innovations where weight and overall size can be saved through spatial and structural thinking.

Besides also real life elsewhere has small designs...like Go-Kart cars...and F430 Spider Ferrari !

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