Preliminary construction schemes !

The target is to keep weight at 60 kilos thus enabling 10 liters of fuel onboard and still needing no lisence to build or fly !

Plane would be a lot safer than many other similar sized planes because of its twin 4-strokes engines and relatively low speed and low weight yet sturdy construction.

In this 10 liter tank size it can fly from Oulu to Helsinki ( 550 km ) at less than 10 liters at over 200 km/h. This cuts the regular journey to half in time ( with a car ) and fuel costs to 40 €:s. If we are lucky and skillful the plane weighs only 55 kilos and makes it able to fly 900-1000 km with one full tank. Auxiliary 25-30 liter tank is possible as well. Thus 2500-3000 km flight is in prospect as we go for the FAI records for real !

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