This is also 2 seater !

I have now figured that a small pilot flying also a teenager can fit in ! Cool or what ? This is not only the smallest twin ever, but also the smallest two seater ever !

I bet the Cri Cri flyers are going to rip their pants when they see this ? I hope not.

This possibility makes this aircraft an instant winner since the fuel efficiency is being measured by passenger kilometers for each passenger !

YAHOO ! Yippee ! Giddy up !


  1. Well since the 1 seater has possibility for a 110 kilo pilot to fly alone...why cannot for the GFC race a 40 kilo backseater also travel...when the pilot is 70 kilos max.
    There is no seat yet designed for the passenger. It is not very comfy, but shows clearly the potential of this backseater layout..it is as in WHITE LIGHTNING....which is the most efficient 4 seater hitherto !