Some bad vibes been inplanted into many flyers and they feel FNX II is dangerous for its "short coupled" appearance and CG.

I'd like to point out that the elevator starts in FNX II where the eleveator ends in BD5..so this is much less short coupled that BD5B for instance.

I like the wedge type aggressive looks of the BD 5B.

However the need for clear view and "area ruling" have influenced the certain forms in my design.

The length of the actual fuselage is a 1 metre more in a BD5B vs. FNXII ( that is 3,3 ft ). I hope this small or really small size brings also weight gain since the aerodynamics indicate at least same drag if not more than in a BD5B..luckily we are still less than ½ of the CriCri FPEA.

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