Two remarkable "birds" !

First STITS DS-1 BABY BIRD; http://www.airventuremuseum.org/collection/aircraft/Stits%20DS-1%20Baby%20Bird.asp Then Le Pelican; http://machnoneflying.com/2010/03/ultralight-museum-pelican/ You might ask now: " What is this crazy finn up to now ?" Well I'll tell ya ! I have to make an aircraft that needs no lisence nor permission to fly ( this will have to be max 167 lbs empty with BRS ). Since I need fuel too it can only weigh 144 lbs empty. I figure if you have the fuse sized like in Stits Baby Bird and 20 kilos lighter than a Le Pelican with same span...I just might be in my specs with a 15-22 hp engine of 4-5 kilos ( 2 stroke ). What do you think ? There is an aeroplane with engine that is only 56,4 kilos empty...a hanglider type ultra. I have so far figured 4 aspects that Le Pelican and Baby Bird did not have that can save weight....and down sizing of course. There will be more AR too..which actually is 5 th feature since the area gets smaller and spanloading increases a tad. I can tell you that my scetching method has been pretty much like what Howard Hughes did to his biplane to make it cleaner..."sledgehammering" away several features of an aeroplane that you never figured that one could getaway with and still make the plane look cool and sporty. That is our secret now okay ?...:)

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