Control system and fuel tank studied.

I have put whole evening and night in tuning and creating the control system. And my haunch of making the Howard Hughes version* of the Beaujon ultralight control* worked out fine. Now I am trying to figure out how to make a cool trim for it. Only idea that I could think of was a big "lever" on both ends of the system. Rear lever/horn would be around the elevator axel that connects the elevator panels to each other. Panels have "noseweight" to make them fly right..this would be locked after each adjustment ( stiff ? ). Is this how it works ? ( My trim is supposed to work like the one in BELL X-1; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tailplane )....What I could suggest instead is a system that actually moves the actual elevator linkage up and down ( near final link to elevator surface )..thence working as a secondary control system, but with only very small movement and lockable positions from the cockpit ( like a jack screw really ). How does that sound ? * Howard Hughes version means; awesome thoroughly studied chick magnet style design !!! *Beaujon ultralite control means the highwing monoplane upperside hanged kinda design..that does not hang in this case ( I don't wanna bang my head on it at crash landing or anyone else ) , but controls go via the channels in upper side of the fuselage ( ceiling/roof ). ------------------- I just finished the detail of the DeHavilland Comet racer* type of rudder control system..it is like riding a horse..to fly my kite. Tiny surfaces for the heels to push them. They are darn cool. * It is basically a bar hinged from the middle. I measured a 6'5'' type can fit nicely now..if the back ( butt-top of the head ) is under 988 mm ! I figure me with 960 mm back can fit with a helmet. ALSO ZDZ 210 looks like the REAL engine now; 100 kts at 1,25 gallons / hour..that is not bad for fuel burn is it ? I had t put a 300 mm dia spinner to fit all inside !!!...:) It meant also lower drag coefficient ! http://www.troybuiltmodels.com/items/ZDZ210-JENGINE.html

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