Wheels / landing gear !

I am thinking of making my main gear system in 4 lbs ( 2 wheels ) and a taildagger. I have brilliant idea for it. I will bond two thin steel sheets from both end with 4 bolts..these small bolts will attach the leg into fuse on the other end and on the other end to the wheel casing ( through the wheelpants ). This is the shortest route for the leg and material is minimised. Inbetween the plates on both sides is a aluminium square tube 10 x 10 mm..this is riveted to the thin steelplates..there could be a foam 1 mm oversized in between for damping the system. Underside could be 2 mm and upper 0.5 mm thick...for the loads. Both ends are flatted tight and bend to needed form..inside the ends are 3 mm thick steel plates welded to the underside for about a distance of 50+50 mm..to avoid forced breakage at the bending area where attachment and material change. The wheels are small 250 mm dia and airless..or with air but narrow if used on grassfields. Wheelpants are 5 cm thick ( at the thickest point ) and made of carbon...overtly aerodynamic looking. Braking happens with a press on a plate on the wheel inside the large profile pants . --- EDIT; Still little ackward with this..maybe a bent plywood with fiberglass ( sandwich ) and final coating with carbon ? Here is a pretty interesting and simple gear; http://youtu.be/QtMMhPPMgk8

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