First calculations !

I did a whole day research and calculus day for the specs and defining the tail volume coefficient numbers ( tail size optimization ). Then estimates for the wing ( 3,8 m2 ) with flaperons ( 20 % of the wing ) and I got with 230 lbs pilots ( heavy ) take off speed 65 mph and 138 mph top speed. Cruise at 60% power 120 mph. Stall is at 62 mph ( 230 lbs pilot ) and for a 90 kilo pilot at 55 mph. For a 60 kilo pilot the stall is 48 mph. This goes double speed compared to the ultralites and is for real life pilots...not beginners. Loop, roll and few other aerobatic movements are in prospect for this bird and at very low cost. Does this grab you at all ? ------------- Well I did these pretty hastily and not verified by any aerodynamista..I am certaing the figures go down a smitch ( I had wrong equation..or counted the figures wrong ).

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