Second calculations...

Dudes I am learning. Now I realised I had done a mistake in the calculations. L=d1/2V^2SCl ( I forgot the ^2 part ! ) I have chosen HQ3,5/14 as my foil. Excellent polar show cl to be 1 at nearly 0 AoA. My planform in the wing..moderate forward sweep and high AR ( 10 ) gives the 3D value around 80% of the 2D value. And it is then PART 103 legal...even ( or at most ) with a 5-10 hp engine.
It is not totally unheard of. Skeeto by Ray Stits flew at 3 hp straight and level. ----------------------------- I got 16 mph for stall speed and 7,8 lbs/sq ft for wing loading. I guess it is then doable. PART 103 legal aerial vehicle with 6 hp engine. Also the take off speed is 50 km/h ( 31 mph )for a 110 kg pilot. I am slightly puzzled now....even the FPEA calculator that I have does not recommend me any bigger than 2-3 hp for the 55 mph speed ?!!! ---------------------------- I was informed the PART 103 would need more wing area. A 2,2 m2 stagger wing addition would make a 60 kilo person fly in the limits.

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