How to reach 65 km/h minimum speed ?

I figure I need to design plane to fly at ease with 6 degs AoA and then place 4-4.5 degs incident on the wing. Also place flaps so that the lift distribution at the 65% span and 75 wingarea wise will be at Cl 2.0 region when flying at 6.5 AoA ( wing AoA 10-11 ).
There are some other features that at that angle will cause lift..like the prop and fuse about 10%...this would apply 105 kilo pilot...a 75 kilo pilot can fly at 3-4 degs incident to go 65 km/h. This is good enough too ( 16 % );
Also very thin ( 10 % )foils with just 0.004 Cd at zero AoA will have enermous lift with flaps;
The Cd is bad, but Cm looks good !!!
Some foils get totally destroyed by the flaps like FX73K170 with flaps at 12 degs and even with most angle will not produce much lift in 2D.Also with 6 degs flaps it just doesn't get close to the lift required and Cd is bad.

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