J1 " Albatros" frontal area ( and FPEA estimate ).

I have counted the total frontal area and I have 0,95 m2 visible area. This would indicate around 0,7-0,8 sq ft drag for the entire air craft since all part are aerodynamically countoured to have very low drag coefficient ( number ). Could someone do a study how in a very smoothly aerodynamically refined aeroplane the frontal area vs. FPEA are proportioned ? ----- Well ( I went through this blog ) my WASAMA II design has this ratio 1/20 and 1/3 when flaps and gear extented. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_1i7bx5vtc6U/SbUA3H_rvoI/AAAAAAAAAKg/4te8aFEwAVg/s1600/1_1_1_FRONTAL_lo_d.jpg

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