US FAR PART 103 Legal Eagle video and WhingDing !

In the United States a man can build and fly a under 115 kilo empty weight planes with no lisence. In Finland the limit for an aeroplane not counted as a real aeroplane is 70 kilos 144 lbs. Here is Legal Eagle; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiKcZBvRr8U&feature=related FNX II, GM-1 and WASAMA II did not reach this weight limit so I have now turned my assets to conquer this nearly unbelivable task to do a less than 70 kilo plane with some spectacular specs. PART 103 planes top speed is limited 55 mph..I think I need more speed to get more lighter plane flying safely maybe 70 mph. Stall at around 32-35 mph. It is doable since the Whing Ding II with 10 hp engine was 57 kilos empty weight !!! http://www.planeandpilotmag.com/aircraft/international-aircraft-directory/homebuiltkitbuilt-aircraft/hovey-whing-ding-ii.html ------------------ PS: I seem to have difficulties to enter homebuiltairplanes.com ! Does someone else have similar experiences ?

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