J1 "Albatros" project needs co-workers !

I was wondering if there were people interested to somekinda interesting project for this...revenue could be aeroplane of your own from the first batch of the fresh J1 Albatrosses ! I have made few inventions and therefore I won't publish it right away. Very small ac will have v-tail, small size, easy to control airfoil/wing with interesting washout wingtip. The monowheel arrangement and peculiarly pleasant looking aerodynamically clean fuselage...not just clean but with a "twist". I will make a flying model with cockpit where a 1/6 scale action model will be placed to test the fitting/ergomics for a man/pilot. The rotation at the take off will have 10 degs to happen. 10 hp engine ( 2-stroke engine ) will burn 4 liters in hour and provide 90 mph speed. Weight is under 65 kilos ( empty ). I don't necessarily mean handymen..I have built 50 AAA UAVs myself..but structural and aerodynamical help are needed alike.


  1. Great innovation once again, show some figures, might be intrested

  2. I will do that too. At the moment I am working to get the vital ergimics work in a tightish cockpit in all possible situations...and thinking about the little details in control linkages.

  3. ..eh..ergonomics !