BREAKING AVIATION NEWS ! STAIBS AIRY-PLANE is the world's smallest twin engine aircraft ever ! SCROLL DOWN THIS LINK TO SEE THE FACTS ! http://www.usua250.org/history/earlyul.htm This means that CRI-CRI never was the smallest twin..it is the smallest jet engined twin and smallest 4 engine airplane ( EADS electric ). --------------- Slightly lesser news is that since Scout is 49,4 kilos there is no way to beat it. Instead I will try to make the lightest aerobatic aeroplane ever. I try to beat 70 kilos to fly it also without lisences. Should be doable. This means it will have almost ordinary tails on this taildagger...well not quite..elevator and rudder are all moving entities ( less drag ). I also have to remember that this ac will be the 1/2 scale model of my 4 seater STOL capable aeroplane of the future.

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